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Three things to kill in your videos in 2019

Every year we think both clients and creators have seen enough videos or have read enough about how audiences engage with online films and won't repeat the same mistakes. And yet, they do. We sometimes do too.

So this post is both a plea and a pledge. A plea for the following six crimes to stop. And a pledge to practise what we preach and help our clients and everyone else make their films even better in 2019.

Kill these three in your videos and see an instant improvement.

1. Talking heads

Let me guess. An office. White wall. Someone in a suit reading off the autucue or just reciting the latest Powerpoint.

No, no, no. Just no.

We've all seen them, we've all had a good snooze.

Question whether you need them on screen at all. Sometimes you do, I get it. But perhaps ta different angle would be more enagaging, perhaps the script could be tweaked to focus on more engaging visuals without losing the message.

2. Powerpoint

Reciting Powerpoint is bad enough. Turning your video into one is just tragic. It's a video for a reason. Use your camera, use your lens, use your imagination. Just don't do endless bulletpoints or blocks of text to convey your message.

There's nothing wrong with on-screen text or captions. But people cannot read and listen at the same time AND digest the information in a meaningful way.

Finding another way of illustrating what's being said helps the viewer engage with the content and makes the video less dull.

3. Ukulele

If you can't pay for a bespoke soundtrack, finding a suitable music bed can be a chore.

But trust me, ukulele with happy whistling and hand claps is so 2010. Try a different genre.

Look under "R'n'B" or "Urban" instead of "Corporate" next time you're browsing an online music library for a corporate music film. You'd be surprised.

Happy filming. We're here to help, just drop us a line.

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