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English Touring Theatre - the Othello project video

Mohammed Ali aka Aerosolali - still from video
A still from the ETT video

We've recently collaborated with the English Touring Theatre on two separate film projects, one of which is called #theothelloproject . It documents a range of activities that accompanied the 2018 production of Shakespeare's Othello.

Birmingham-based artist, Mohammed Ali, aka Aerosolali, inspired by the play and the visuals used to promote it, used his skills to create a graffitti piece and an accompanying film called Green Eyed.

We caught up with him to discover a few surprising facts about the piece, its connection to Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford, and obviously to ask him about his interpretation of the key visual he used as inspiration (featuring Victor Oshin, who played Othello).

Directed by Michal Dzierza, the short film takes viewers on a journey not only though the artist's creative process, but also though his neighbourhood - so close to the place where the Bard was born and yet so far away. Both quintesentially English, but in completely different ways.

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