Why choose us. 

Everyone has a story. Even brands and businesses. 


People love stories. And we love telling them.


We make powerful videos. We work with brands, content creators, startups and charities to help them reach or retain customers. 


We do so by creating an emotional engagement through beautifully crafted and told videos. 


Meehow Films combines the art of storytelling with marketing and is a cross between an agency and a production company.

​We specialise in short form online content, documentaries, branded videos and video marketing.

We can guide you through the process by helping you define your needs and goals, and by translating them into specific suggestions and video proposals.

We then take them and turn into beautifully crafted visual stories, using a variety of approaches and formats.

How much?

Our prices are fair, flexible and competitive. We don't overproduce and add extras you don't need. And we’ll be transparent about what we are charging you for.

We have a standard rate card, but can create tailor-made packages too.

A 30-second video featuring one person in one location will be priced differently from a 30-second spot shot in multiple locations, with multiple cameras and complex editing.


The same goes for photography: a studio portrait done in 3 hours is not the same as 20-minute location shot. So it’s almost impossible to give anyone “a ballpark figure” without knowing the requirements.

Get in touch to discuss your needs.