We help startups and entrepreneurs planning to raise funds through a crowdfunding platform create compelling videos to support their campaigns.

Here are some London startups that got funded (and often overfunded) with the help of our films:



The size of your business doesn’t matter as much as your idea and how you sell it. And how you sell yourself.


When you compete with hundreds – and often thousands – of other projects for the attention and money of a limited number of potential investors, first impressions do count.

And projects with compelling, well-produced videos attract more attention and – ultimately – are likely to get funded sooner. Read our post with five essential tips for crowdfunding videos.


  • we get to know you first – we need to get a good idea about your project and requirements to be able to suggest an optimal solution

  • we talk through various approaches, formats, examples – and work on the final concept with you (don’t worry, we do most of the legwork, you can still focus on your core business)

  • we tailor our video production to suit your budget – we work with a wide range of budgets

  • we produce a high quality video and make sure it’s unique and perfectly represents you and your idea

  • we help you optimise your final videos for broader reach and distribution beyond your crowdfunding page

  • we offer fast turnaround times and great flexibility.



You get a professionally-looking video that will support your campaign, help viewers establish an emotional connection with you and your product by telling your story your way and – hopefully – convince them to invest in your idea.


We’d love to see how we could support your campaign.

Please get in touch: or use our contact page

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